How to Adopt or Buy a Quarter Horse

How to Adopt or Buy a Quarter Horse

The purchase price to adopt or buy an American quarter horse ranges widely from $1,000 to $4,000. Pricing is dependent on age, health, whether the horse is coming from a rescue or a breeder, and any notable characteristics, such as lineage.

When choosing a horse, be on the lookout for red flags. For rescues, check that the organization is a registered nonprofit with a 501(c)(3) status, which means it had to go through more checks to be considered safe and legitimate. Also, especially for breeders, make sure you can receive documentation on where the horse was bred, its lineage, and any health history. If none of this is provided, you might not be dealing with a quality organization.

Spend plenty of time with the horse while it’s still in the hands of the organization, so you can get to know it and make sure it’s as healthy as the organization says. Look for any lameness, pain, trouble breathing, or other obvious signs of illness. You don’t want to end up bringing home a special-needs horse when you are not prepared to care for one.

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