Nandro Decano Injection

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Nando Decano Injection made to achieve the necessary speed and take advantage during the start of the fight. In case of being wounded and prolonged fight will do it with power and cutting effects end at any time. No side effects and maintains invigorated cock all the time

Energizing prepared for speed and strength during the fight. Dextrose levels rise in the blood to finish the fight with desires.

Dosage And Administration

Dosage is given at least 30 minutes before competition  and the effects last 4 to 5 hours. The more active (hyper) your bird is naturally, the smaller the dosage should be, also the size of the bird is important in determining the proper dosage.

For injections in the breast muscle or under the skin, dosages can range from 0.1 to 0.4 cc, adjusting dosage according to: size of bird, natural metabolic rate (smaller dose for hyper birds, more for lethargic or slow acting birds), and personal experience from prior use.

For starters, use approx.0.1cc for small roosters (under 5 lbs.) that are a high strung type bird, or 0.2cc for a slow type bird.

For larger birds (5 to 6 lbs.) start with approx.0.15cc  for high strung birds and 0.25 cc for slow types.

For birds over 6 lbs up to 7 lbs start with approx. 0.2cc for high strung birds and 0.3 cc for slow types.

After heeling, while you are waiting for your turn in the pit, get your rooster as excited as possible, by tailing or allowing him to watch the action in the pit, etc. This will give him a faster start when it is his turn for competition. RSO Oil

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