Performance Enhancers For Horse Racing

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BIO-EQUINE: Daily supplement with 28 vitamins and mineral, 15 strains of probiotics, biotin, selenium,
diatomaceous earth (as a natural cleanse and worm prevention). No filler, No flavor, No ash, No additive.
The most economical and all round daily supplement. This would be the choice if you do not want any joint
supplement or immunity booster in the daily program.

PERFORMANCE ONE (by PureForm) Daily supplement
This would be the choice if you want to put your horse on a regular regime of joint and immunity remedies. This preparation contains vitamins, minerals, joint supplements and immunity boosters.

RATION PLUS: A probiotic/prebiotic preparation without the inclusion of live organisms. This preparation
encourages the proliferation and establishment of the animal’s own native beneficial organisms, instead of importing foreign ones. This way the animal does not have to adapt to the immigration of foreigners.

It is proven to be effective for putting on muscles on skinny horses and hard keepers, preventing recurrent colic and
other gastro-intestinal problems, preventing stress ulcers, and as a result of better absorption, better organs including better hooves and fur. Must be put on feed. Must not be given directly in mouth.


All anabolic steroids are on strict prescription and they all test in competitions. We do not ship abroad.
There are non-steroidal anabolic agents that will not test. They are less effective than the drugs but will work
with long term use.

RATION PLUS: Put on muscles, not fats on animals, through normalization of the bowel environment,
improving absorption of amino acids, peptides, proteins, and other essential nutrients.

Natural anabolic agent called gamma-oryzanol which is an extract from seed oils.


ATP is the substance needed to convert carbohydrates and proteins to energy. If a horse feeds and absorbs well it
will have the substrate (the fuel for burning), but it would also need the catalyst ATP. ATP comes in injections
(ATP Injeel Forte) as well as in homeopathic liquid form (ATP 30X). The injection is used as a pre-race boost.

The homeopathic liquid is used whenever injections are not feasible, and also for daily training. The injection
comes in 10 ampoules per box. Each dose (intramuscular injection) is 2 to 3 ampoules in one syringe/needle. If
the race is in the evening, you give one dose in the morning and another dose as close to the race as feasible. You
have to play with it before you find out what schedule is best for that particular horse.

The injection is very costly, unavailable most of the time because of very limited supply, and most people find it
too abrupt and dramatic in action. The action of the ATP 30X oral liquid is much more predictable and mellow.
This is used every time the horse gets into training or racing. Directions will be given upon sale of a product.
VitaMaster Injection (New name for Hemo-15 Injection): This is an iron and vitamin preparation that booster
blood formation. When the horse is not anaemic, the horse runs faster. Usually given one dose of 10 ml every
week and also given as a pre-race.
New Cells Injection: Liver extract and B Vitamins. Similar in action to VitaMaster except the iron content is
from natural liver extract.

Caco Iron Copper Injection: Contains elemental Iron and Copper that are essential for making blood. Usually
used in conjunction with VitaMaster or New Cells to booster the animal’s blood making efficiency.
Visorb-PS: We compound this palatable daily supplement. This has a similar formula as the time honoured
Visorbin which has been discontinued for 10 years. It contains the most orally absorbed forms of iron and B

vitamins that are essential for making haemoglobin and red blood cells. It surpasses by far the commonly
available commercial and proprietary preparations like Red Cell, Red Glow, etc.
Megablud: A daily supplement in powder form packed in daily pouches. Made originally by Sterivet now
bought out by Vetoquinol. Vitamins, iron and mineral necessary for making blood.


Endura Powder: An electrolyte mix designed for athletes. Used in people, dogs, and horses. The electrolytes
are chelated electrolytes so they get absorbed faster and better. As well they stay in the body longer before they
are excreted. The salts are balanced for exercise and they are reinforced with minerals needed to prevent cramps.
In addition, it contains malic acid that fights fatigue (use in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Made by a naturopathic
company that sells only to medical professional.

One dose 8 hours out, a double dose as close to the race as possible, and another dose after the race.
Endurance Complex Liquid: A homeopathic mixture that contains all the elements for making the horse run
faster and longer: something for lactic acid, for pain, for enhancing the heart pump, to facilitate breathing
efficiency, to enhancing oxygen diffusion, combat excessive heat generation, calm the stomach and the nerves,
relaxes the muscles and prevent tying up, something for perking up the energy, and contains the co-enzymes required for the Kreb Cycle (energy production). Each dose is 3 to 5 ml 8 hours out and repeat as close to the race as possible. A dose after the race would help the horse to recover.

Coenzyme Compositum Liquid: Cell metabolism depends on supply of various co-enzymes which are the
activators of chemical reactions in the cell. This is the key for the generation of energy through combustion of food fuel. This is not only a good pre-race but also a daily reinforcement of liver, heart, and lung functions.
Ubicoenzyme Injection: Same usage as Coenzyme Compositum but in injection form. A box of 10 ampoules is good for 3 to 5 doses for a horse, 10 doses for a dog.


Cactus Compositum: Oral homeopathic complex for enhancing cardiac output, myocardial contractility and contractility of heart muscles. Also improves lung perfusion, improving systemic and pulmonary circulation.


Breath-X: Homeopathic oral medicine for enhancing breathing ability, air flow, and mucus. Can be used on a
daily basis plus a couple of extra doses for pre-race.
Acetylcysteine solution (“Mucomyst”) (“Parvolex”)
For loosening mucus accumulated in the airways. Can be used in nebuliser or as an injection.
Equipulmin Liquid: Herbal (not homeopathic) mixture that works like Ventipulmin, i.e. broncho-dilatation,
cough, and mucus. 1 to 2 oz. per dose. Used daily or pre-race.
Tartephedreel Liquid: Homeopathic oral medicine for bronchodilation, cough and mucus. 3 to 5 ml per dose.
Sputolysin Powder: Mucolytic agent Dembrexine in a lactose base made by Boehringer Ingelheim. Traditional
medicine for loosening up mucus. 1 oz (28 g.) per dose.


Known causes of bleeding include:

  1. High Blood Pressure: Use Lasix, Apis Homaccord, Uva Ursi with Buchu Tincture
  2. Excessive blood volume: Use Lasix, Apis Homaccord, Uva Ursi with Buchu Tincture
  3. Fragile capillaries in lungs: Use Cinnamonum Chord, Mucosa Compositum, Rutin, Ascorbic Acid
  4. Ostructive airway: Use Breathe-X, Tartephedreel, Mucomyst (Acetylcysteine)
  5. Week lung mucus membranes: Use Mucosa Compositum, L-Glutamine, Essential Fatty Acids
  6. Heart beating too hard due to nervousness: Use HomeoCalm, PS Calm, Gate Shyness, etc.
    A combination of the following products used simultaneously will address all the possible causes:

Bleeder Complex:

This is the cardinal homeopathic complex for bleeders, proven to be effective for most cases.
Homeopathic oral mixture that strengthens capillaries, lowers blood pressure, calms the horse down, enhances
breathing capacity and lower the incidence of exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage (EIPH).
Used as a daily supplement for chronic repetitive bleeders. Also given as a pre-race reinforcement and a pre-race

Cinnamonum Chord:

Homeopathic oral mixture given on a daily basis for a period before the race to strengthen the capillaries.
Mucosa Compositum Oral Liquid
Very precious homeopathic nosode mixture designed to promote the regeneration of respiratory mucosa and
thickening of the capillary walls. Long term use is required for subtle benefits. Many a time this is the last
resort for stubborn allergies and easy pulmonary bleeding.

Rutin (Formerly called Bleeder Mix): Herbal mixture made by Canada’s Herbs For Horses. Given daily for a
full course of 1 to 3 months to strengthen capillaries.

Apis Homaccord : “Homeopathic Lasix”: homotoxicological preparation that works in line with Lasix in getting rid of excess fluid): Homeopathic medicine used as a diuretic. Very useful for swellings due to injuries, stocking up due to immobility, heart failure (left ventricular failure), bleeder that has excessive fluid in the lungs, bleeders that are hypertensive, etc. We’ve had reports of success for bleeders in lieu of lasix.
Yun Nan Pai Yao Powder/Capsules . “White Medicine from Yunnan”, Traditional Chinese medicine, available both in capsule or in powder forms, works like homeopathic Arnica Montana in preventing bleeding and accelerating healing of musculo-skeletal injuries and stresses. Sometimes works when all else fails.

L-Glutamine: Powder available from Thorne Research. Helps mucosa to repair.
Fish Oil: EFA’s beneficial for mucus membranes.


Sportinine Liquid: 5 ml 8 hours out and repeat another dose as close to the race as possible. And give another dose (or a few doses_ after the race to help recovery. (Compared to ATP schedule, you don’t need ATP after the race because you don’t need the horse to have extra energy anymore whereas a lot of lactic acid is being built up during the race and you want to get rid of it asap).


Traumeel Vet Injection (From Germany): 1 ampoule twice daily till better (any where from 2 to 5 days).
This can also be used for pre-race, in which case you inject one ampoule 8 hours out and repeat one injection as close to the race as possible. Helpful for muscle soreness and for bleeders.
Pain-B-Gone Liquid: non-test pain killer.

Phenylbutol Liquid: Homeopathic Bute, non-test. Works like bute but in a more subtle way.

Vetri-DMG Sublingual liquid: Labelled for dogs, cats, and birds, but can be used in horses. 5 ml 8 hours out and repeat as close to the race as possible. Sublingual DMG works like and got absorbed as fast as DMG injection or B-15 Injection.

DMG Oral Powder: Used daily instead of pre-race to train the immunity to deal with lactic acid. 1 – 2 oz daily.


Zeel Vet Injection: Homeopathic injection that acts as pain killer and promotion of healing. Works best with Adequan, Legend Injections, or oral Recovery EQ. Usuall a course of treatment is a daily dose for 5 consecutive days.

Homeoartril Liquid: Homeopathic complex for oral use. Used if the oral route is preferred. 3 to 5 ml once

Dyne Complex Liquid: An option to Homeoartril, originated from Standardbred racetracks.

Adequan IM Injections: Contains mucopolysaccharides which are the building blocks of connective tissue.
Very effective for joint repair and support. Usually given once a week

Legend Injection: Contains hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid polymes) which are the lubricating substance in joints. 2 to 4 ml injection once weekly.

Recovery EQ & Recovery EQ HA: Safe for racing. Mixture of glucosamine hydrochloride, MSM, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins for joint recovery and support. Extra joint lubrication is offered by the Extra Strength HA with hyaluronic aicd (HA)

Phenylbutazone and Dipyrone Injections, Phenylbutazone (Bute) Powder (flavoured and concentrated):
These are on prescription in Canada, and please note they test. We can dispense them if you have a prescription


Gate Shy Complex: Homeopathic complex to lessen anticipation anxiety, panic situations, sweating,
hyperventilation, shaking at the paddock or at the gate.

Quietex (Syringes or Powder): This product used to be a very popular homeopathic tranquillizer but it has long been discontinued by the manufacturer. We compound a liquid with the same formula called Quiet-X.

Quiet-X Liquid:
This is the liquid version of the long discontinued famous product called Quietex Powder and Quietex Paste syringe.

Please note: Quiet-X CANNOT BE USED FOR RACING as it might test positive for Valerian, but it is very
effective for training. A similar formula for racing is PS Calm Liquid which has the Valerian replaced with 3
other alternative tranquillizers that does not test.

PS Calm Liquid: THIS IS THE ONE FOR RACING. Formula is based on Quietex but has the Valerian replaced with 3 other alternative tranquillizers that does not test.
Homeo Calm Liquid: General homeopathic tranquilizer. Offers an option to the above. If one does not work, the other one might.

Rescue Remedy: Popular homeopathic sedative for panic attacks and mild tranquillizing.
Comes with dropper pipette or in aerosol spray bottles.
Larger sizes are liquids we compound ourselves based on the same formula. We call them
Rescue Augmented: Higher potencies of Rescue Remedy. Used when Rescue seems to work but not that well.


Coffea Cruda Chord Liquid:
3 to 5 ml 8 hours out and repeat as close to the race as possible. Get the one that is labelled “Non-Test” for competition and the one labelled “Training” for daily training or non-test events.
Coffea Cruda Chord Pellets: This is the same formula made for the driver, rider or jockey for concentration.


ACTH 30X Liquid: Homeopathic ACTH. Good for horses that had been drugged or stressed.
Adrenal Cortex 4X: Homeopathic form of adrenal cortical hormone: Used for pain, inflammation, and for

balancing adrenal equilibrium.


Chapman’s Liniment: Herbal and homeopathic combinations for muscle soreness from exercise, sprains and musculo-skeletal stress. Formulated by a horse lover from her own experience with herbal medicine.
Dynamint Equine Peak Performance Rub: Very strong analgesic rub, best for massage therapy. Produces
cooling effect, not heating, hence may reduce congestion and inflammation, as well as numbing effects.

Traumeel Vet Gel: This is the popular Traumeel ointment used by a vast number of households for sprains and muscle soreness, but in a gel form in bulk for horses. Accelerates the healing process. Shortens healing time by several folds. The gel makes it usable in furred animals and makes absorption easy and fast.

Equi-Block cream, Equi-Block DT (Daily Training) Liniment, and Equi-Block LT (leg tightener) Liniment:
This line of analgesic and rheumatism cream/liniment produces soothing heat in addition to pain killing effect. Good for situations in which the horse feels better with warmth. Not good for acute injuries in which case something that has cooling effect would be better

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