Equine Cavalor Energy Booster

Equine Energy Booster, camel energy booster, horse energy booster

Cavalor An Energy Boost provides important nutrients and an extra dose of quick energy before, during, and after intense work to help your horse give its best performance and to assist in recovery.

Cavalor An Energy Boost ensures that your horse has sufficient energy for top performance. It contains easily absorbable carbohydrates that give a boost to blood glucose levels.

In addition, Cavalor An Energy Boost provides amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and substances that are important for muscle activity and endurance. Cavalor An Energy Boost also contains electrolytes for a speedy recovery after competition or strenuous exertion. A-oil


During short, explosive efforts such as jumping and reining, the muscles obtain energy mainly from glucose and glycogen. They don’t need oxygen to generate that energy.

Starches and sugars are good sources of glucose and provide short, explosive bursts of energy. This glucose is also broken down again, releasing lactic acid (lactate), the amount of which depends on the intensity and duration of the work. In light work, such as walking or trotting, lactic acid is broken down further.


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