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What Is Topline?

Your horses’ topline is the group of muscles that runs along the top of your horse’s neck, along the back and over the hindquarters. These areas are made up mostly of muscle in a healthy weight animal.

How to build topline muscle on a horse covers two aspects; correct training/work and quality protein absorption. Your first question should be “why has my horse lost topline”. Suppose that your training is right and yet topline doesn’t develop as you expected, does your horse need remedial feed (i.e. its regular feed + turnout are inappropriate or insufficient) or does your horse need help with absorption of feed. Or a bit of both?

The only difference between ‘how to build topline on a thoroughbred’ and ‘how to build topline in older horses’ is in the pace of training progression. Because the nutrient building blocks are the same for both although the uptake in a TB may differ from that in a veteran horse. In a horse without topline you must take into account that the spine may be involved or affected.

Improving the topline for horses withKissing Spine Syndrome (KSS) can reap enormous benefits. Feed them a supplement that builds topline muscle, that at the same time helps control inflammation, that at the same time provides the scala of minerals necessary for bone strength. Note that the topline makes up only half of your horse’s core musclulature, don’t forget the abdominal muscles in your training (i.e. strengthen abdominals, stretch hip flexors).


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