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Cobalt Plus is currently available without a prescription, is untested for, not banned or illegal, and increases EPO (erythropoietin) as effectively as many prescription/banned/illegal alternatives.
Cobalt also has another property which has gone relatively unnoticed: it increases EPO when taken orally. It has been used to treat certain types of anaemia, which is characterized by a lowered red blood cell count.

HOW DOES Cobalt Plus 100ml WORK?

Hypoxia Inducible Factor and the HIF pathway are responsible for the expression of a variety of physiological responses to oxygen deprivation and conditions of lowered oxygen intake – similar to what would be seen with altitude training, which itself relies on adaptations mediated by this pathway to stimulate an increase in endogenous EPO and red blood cells.

Typically, the mediator of HIF undergoes rapid degradation under conditions of adequate oxygen intake. However, in an oxygen-deprived environment, it remains active for much longer and sets off a sequence of events that (among other benefits) activates the gene for producing EPO that promote efficient adaptation to hypoxia. Cobalt chloride appears to mimic the oxygen-deprived state at the genomic level, thereby causing the HIF mediator to remain stable enough to initiate increased EPO production.

WHY USE Cobalt Plus?

In treating horses and camels one to two times weekly you can expect a significant rise in PCV, Hemoglobin, Hematocrits and Red blood cells over a 3-4 week.

It is an effective way to produce effects similar to EPO – a huge boost for endurance animal athletes or any animal needing increased stamina and performance.

SIZE of Cobalt Plus

Available in 100 ml vials.


Use 5ml intravenously weekly for horses and camels.

STORAGE of Cobalt Plus 100ml

Store below 25°C (Air Conditioned). Protect from direct light.

Keep out of reach from children.


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