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Compudose  maximize performance for extended grazing or feeding periods. Compudose (estradiol) is a cattle implant for suckling and/or grazing steers and a long-acting option for increasing feed efficiency and average daily gain in finishing cattle.

Each implant contains 25.7mg estradiol and is coated with not less than .05mg of oxytetracycline powder as a local antibacterial. Each implant will provide an effective daily dose of estradiol for about 200 days.

For increased rate of weight gain in suckling and pastured growing steers, Compudose will effectively release a controlled amount of estradiol for 200 days. The silicon rubber implant contains 25.7 mg estradiol and is coated with no less than 0.5 mg of oxytetracycline powder—a local antibacterial.

Each dose contains 25.7 mg estradiol. Duration of activity 170-200 days.

  • Each animal implanted will effectively increase rate of weight faster than an animal without implantation for 200 days.
  • Releases a daily dose of hormone up to 200 days.


  • Not for use in veal calves.
  • No additional effectiveness is expected from reimplanting in less than 200 days.
  • Not for use in humans. Keep out of reach of children.
  • No withdrawal period is required when used according to labeling.
  • Increased sexual activity has been reported after the first few days of implanting. Watch animals, as some may need to be removed to prevent physical injury. Rectal and vaginal prolapse have been reported in heifers.
  • Do not use in animals intended for breeding purposes.


Suckling steers: Implant at castration or later.
Pastured growing steers: Implant at weaning or later.
Finishing steers and heifers: Implant at arrival in feedlot.

Confine animal in a squeeze chute. Clean area prior to implanting. The implant should be deposited under the skin on the back side of the middle third of the ear. Fully insert the needle and inject the implant, it should be placed between the skin and cartilage, avoiding major blood vessels.


Additional Information

Count 20 count, 100 count
Net Contents 20 count, 100 count
Application Injectable
Form Implant

Additional information


20 ds, 100 ds


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