Toltrazuril 5% Suspension 20cc/ml




Toltrazuril (Compare to the active ingredients in Baycox 5%),  most effective, non-invasive treatment for Coccidiosis on the market in as few as 1-2 doses. Baycox Liquid Toltrazuril that actually kills coccidia with one or two doses!

This is a revolutionary product that is safer and more effective than Albon without being as harsh on the system. The chemical structure is very similar to Ponazuril, which is a metabolite of Toltrazuril. Toltrazuril is about 50% absorbed after oral administation then highest concentrations are found in the liver where it is rapidly metabolized into the sulfone derivative Ponazuril. Doses up to 10x have been found to have no adverse affect in horses and 5x in poultry have been well tolerated. Toltrazuril has activity against many different types of coccidia at all stages. 
A similare drug Ponazuril, marketed as Marquis paste, is actually metabolite of Toltrazuril but it does not have the ability to kill Coccidia. Only Toltrazuril (compare to 5% Baycox) is able to kill Coccidia!


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