Dexa Free 24

Dexa Free 24 is a dexamethasone sodium phosphate powder, ready for dilution and reconstitution in solution for injection, with the ability to make concentrated dexas.

It´s a dexa specifically designed to be applied before the race.

20 mg dexamethasone 21 di sodium phosphate, In a 5 or 10 ml bottle to be dissolved in sterile water or sterile solution.

5 ml and 10 ml.
the two bottles contain the same amount of product, the 10 ml bottle allows a lighter solution.
The equivalent solution is 2mg/ml,  or 2mg / cc, or  0,2% dexa.
It can be diluted with other products in aqueous solutions with good margin to solubilize, for example vitamins. It´s very common to dilute in solution of B15 for race.

Dosification & Administration for Race :
A) Mono Shot:
Camels: 3 to 5 ml IV or IM at least 1 day before the race.
Horse: 5 ml IV or IM at least 1 day before the race.

B) more than one dose:
Maximum dose: 10 ml
Minimun: 2 ml
It can be used up to 5 days in a row.
if continuous doses are used for more than 1 day, it is advisable to suspend at least 36 to 48 hours before the race

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