Edo Kolosal



Edo Kolosal is a non-steroidal growth promoter and organic modifier; based on vitamins, minerals, amino acids and carnitine. Edo Kolosal, is the injectable solution to reach the maximum potential of the weight of the cattle and increase their profits. Edo Kolosal, has it all and more concentrated (* Essential and restrictive nutrients). Edo Kolosal, More weight gain, Maximum Profitability.


Edo Kolosal, is the most complete and concentrated formula (*Essential and restrictive nutrients), to achieve the best results in raising and fattening cattle.

The lack of nutrients that prevents increasing the weight of cattle, also prevents increasing profitability. To increase profitability, the weight of the animals (Cattle) must be increased and for this to happen, all nutritional needs must be met, because an insufficient element limits the general weight gain, regardless of whether the other elements have optimal levels.

Kolosal covers all the deficiencies at once, thanks to its all-in-1 formula.


Species of Use:

Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs
Registration No.: ICA: 8845 – MV – Colombia. – MIDA: RF-7938-17 – Panama.
MAGA: CO14-07-07-6788 – Guatemala – SENASAG CR-PUV: 007027/16 – Bolivia

Product Presentations:
50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 500mL

Follow the instructions of the Veterinary Doctor.
1 mL / 40 Kg of weight

Route of Administration / Mode of Use:
Deep intramuscular injection.

Indicated in the treatment of diseases caused by the deficiencies of the components present in the formulation and as an adjuvant in the treatment of infectious, parasitic diseases or for the reconstitution of electrolytes lost during exercise.


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