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Vitamin A concentrate for animals – By Bravet


The Monovin A remedy is indicated to compensate for the lack of vitamin A in the body of farmed animals, specifically cattle. Its concentrated formula helps treat growth problems, eye infections and muscle tissue changes.

What Is Monovin A Used For?

Appropriate for veterinary use, Monovin A works to replace vitamin A, a fundamental substance for the proper functioning of the organism of living beings. Among the problems that the lack of vitamin A causes are infections in the eyes, respiratory system, urinary tract and mouth, as well as changes in the animal’s growth and mobility and skin disorders in conjunction with dull fur.

By making up for the lack of vitamin A, the animal resists local infections, as well as recovering its normal state and preventing possible cases of night blindness. Monovin A for horses also helps with the growth and appearance of the horse’s mane.

Indicated for cattle;

Treatment for vitamin A deficiency;
prevention of eye and skin problems;
specific for veterinary use;

How To Administer Monovin A?

According to the Monovin A package insert, the product must be applied through deep intramuscular injections. Firstly, it is important to disinfect the application site and use sterilized products.

See below the ideal dosage for each animal:

large cattle
Medium-sized cattle and calves

Is it true that Monovin A makes hair grow?
To clarify whether it is a myth or truth that Monovin A grows hair, just read the medicine leaflet. The indication of the product made by the manufacturer is that the vitamin A concentrate is specific for veterinary use, that is, only safe for cattle. Together, there is no authorization from Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) for the use of Monovin A for hair.

Composition Monovin A

The vitamin formula for each 100 mL of the product:
Vitamin A
qsp oily vehicle
Monovin A is Bravet


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