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NEUROMAX 1.5% is a high performance neurolitic of exclusive parenteral application, to use by subcutaneous, intramuscular, periarticular, perineural route and produce the quick temporary inhibition of the nervous conduction in type C unmyelinated fibers, due to the ammonium ion, which acts for ionic competence, being its capacity to produce transmission blockage, inversely proportional to the thickness of the nervous fiber, consequently varying the dose to use, according to the diameter of the nerve to treat.


Reversible blockage of type C unmyelinated nervous fibers, responsible of the painful stimuli conduction. Neuralgias, myalgias, myositis, muscular contractions. Joint degenerative disease. Bursitis. Synovitis. Periostitis.


Sport and working equines not intended to human food consumption.


Dosage depends on the area to treat. Perineural application: digital nerves 2 to 4 ml. Palm nerves 3 to 5 ml. Superficial peroneal nerve 3 ml. Deep peroneal nerve 5 to 7 ml. Tibial nerve 5 to 7 ml. Metacarpal /metatarsal periostitis and intermetacarpal/intermetatarsal osteitis: 5 ml or more, according to the Veterinarian’s criterion. Intramuscular infiltrations: 5 ml per injection site, setting up a 50 ml total dose per rump, shoulder or back and loin. It may be applied with anti-inflammatory or local anesthetics according to the Veterinarian’s criterion. Repeat the dosage as many times as necessary, once the effects of the prior application disappear, as, unlike the neurolitics based on phenol, NEUROMAX 1,5% does not cause fibrosis at the injection site. Finadin


In perineural application, it is recommended to be used pure, without the addition of other substances (corticoids, local anesthetics, etc.). In intramuscular infiltration, it may be mixed with anti-inflammatory agents (corticoids, etc) which gives more volume and the possibility to cover a larger area of muscular surface.


Ampoule bottle x 50 ml and 100 ml.


Ammonium chloride …………………. 1.5 g
Formulation agents q.s. ……………. 100 ml


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