O2 More 50ml


by Mclab USA


Camels and horses face many challenges that affect their ability to breathe smoothly and perform effectively. Therefore, equine healthcare experts have developed a unique product MORE O2 that contains Betaprolol in addition to Ostarine, which helps to enhance the ability to breathe and performance effectively.

Betaprolol is a beta-blocker drug that is used to treat high blood pressure and heart disease, but it is used in horses to relieve pressure on blood vessels and improve blood flow in the body. In addition, the substance has antispasmodic properties that help dilate blood vessels and improve airflow to the lungs.

As for Ostarine, it is a natural substance derived from male hormones that helps promote muscle growth and muscle strengthening. They are commonly used in sports that require muscular strength and excellent performance, and they also help improve endurance and breathing.

For horses, Ostarine improves their ability to breathe smoothly, improve airflow to the lungs, and helps to strengthen muscles and improve athletic performance.

Our product represents the perfect combination of the medicinal substance Betaprolol and the natural substance Ostarine, which is effective in improving horses’ ability to breathe smoothly, strengthen muscles and improve athletic performance

Product Features:

American Made: More O2 Mclab product is produced in the USA, ensuring product quality and compliance with high sanitary standards.


Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of using the product in improving the breathing capacity and athletic performance of sport horses.
Ease of use: The product can be used during exercise and does not require a prescription.
The product is safe: it does not contain any prohibited substance or substances according to the regulations and regulations of the racing federations


Betaprolol 500 mg.
Ostarine 50 mg



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