Super Bitamina To The Max 100ml





By Bitamax


Vitamin B-Complex + Amino Acids + Liver Extract. Bitamax is a combination of B-complex Vitamins and Amino Acids needed by gamefowls for excellent muscle development to produce maximum strength and endurance during trainings and actual fight. It is formulated to provide:


• Excellent body and muscle development during conditioning, breeding and maintenance stages

• Extreme muscular strength during conditioning, breeding and actual fight

• Formation of red blood cells for better blood circulation to different vital organs

• Optimum fighting performance

• Stamina and Endurance

• Fast recovery in any stress and disease

• Enhancement of reproductive performance of breeding materials.


Dosage And Administration



Stags: 0.3ml – 0.5ml intramuscularly once a week

Cocks: 0.5ml – intramuscularly once a week



0.3ml – 0.5 ml intramuscularly one a week



0.5 ml intramuscularly once a month



0.5 ml intramuscularly once a week.


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