Tricort 20ml

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Tricort is a suspension of triamcinolone acetonide slow release and prolonged action whose response is usually within 24 hours.


itching, eczema, allergic processes, cellulitis, arthritis, synovitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis, rheumatoid syndrome, blepharitis, bovine ketosis, hepatitis, aseptic inflammatory processes, traumatic inflammation, lymphosarcoma.
Destination Species: horses not intended for human consumption, cattle, dogs, cats
Posology, dose and route of administration

Tricort Injection contains ‘triamcinolone’ which belongs to the class of ‘corticosteroids’. It controls inflammation by acting on the immune system. It decreases the activity of the immune system by blocking white blood cells (WBC) from attacking the body cells. It reduces the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. It causes constriction of blood vessels decreasing the access of cells to the site of injury. This effect helps in reducing the swelling, pain and discomfort.

Composition :
triamcinolone acetonide 1 mg /ml
hydrocortisone 50 mg / ml
phenyl alanine 100 ml / ml
Isoleucine 50 mg / ml

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  1. Nadeem

    Review by Kelly L. on 29 Jul 2021review stating TriamcinoloneProduct is high quality and works very well. Impressive
    Heaves. 0.075 mg/kg

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