Daxakel 50ml




DEXAkel 02 is a glucocorticoid in the form of an aqueous, milky-white, sterile, injectable suspension in a brown glass bottle

Formula: 1 ml contains 2 mg Dexamethasone.

Dosage & administration:

Intramuscular or intravenously once daily: – horses, cattle: 2 ml / 100 kg – pigs, sheep, goat: 2 ml / 50 kg – dogs, cats: 0.2 ml – 0,4 ml / 5 kg

inflammatory conditions of muscles and joints as well as allergic conditions.

Dexamethasone is a very strong glucocorticosteroid, whose anti-inflammatory effects are 30 times more intense than cortisone and 7-10 times more intense than prednisolone. In addition to its antiphlogistic properties, dexamethasone has an extraordinary anti-allergic, anti-stress and gluconeogenic activity.
Mineralocorticoid activity is minimal.

– Metabolic disorders such as ketosis in cattle and puerperal toxemia in sheep and sows.
– Non-infectious inflammatory processes, especially acute musculoskeletal inflammations, such as:
– As an aid in acute infectious diseases (eg: mastitis, metritis, acute pneumonia) in combination with the appropriate anti-infective therapy.
– Allergic conditions, such as: asthma, skin allergies (eczema, urticaria, itching, etc.), laminitis in horses and cattle, snake bites.
– States of stress and shock.
– Induction of parturition in ruminants in the last stage of pregnancy.

Withdrawal times:

Milk: 24 hours – Meat: 8 days.

For veterinary use only


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